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Q : If I purchase a new Riding Mower, Tractor or Gator, are you able to deliver the machine to me?
A : Yes! We are able to deliver any product we sell. Many machines come with free delivery within our three-county service area. For other machines a nominal delivery charge applies depending on your location.
Q : When I purchase a machine from you, does your company set the machine up for me or do I get it in a box?
A : ALL machines sold by Wilmington Lawn and Leisure come completely set-up by our professional assembly technicians. No gas, oil, or boxes to deal with. This allows you to get home with your new equipment and get to work!
Q : I've never owned a machine like this, will you spend time to teach me how to operate it?
A : Before you ever leave our Dealership or we leave your home after delivery, you will have the knowledge to get on your new piece of equipment and use it properly and safely. We will go over operation, basic maintenance, safety procedures, and how to remove/attach any accessories you have purchased with your machine. 
Q : Your business hours are 8 to 5, is this for your Parts and Service Departments too?
A : Our Parts and Service Departments are open Monday through Friday from 8 to 5. Saturdays from March 1 through Labor Day Weekend Service is open for bringing in and picking up repairs as well as basic services such as blade sharpening and tire repair.