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Are You Struggling with Tractor Envy?

Are You Struggling with Tractor Envy?

If we looked back through your phone or computer browsing history would we
notice you have been Googling tractors for months or years? Do you lay in bed at
night imagining driving your very own tractor? Are you coveting your friends' and
neighbors' tractors? Don’t worry, all these thoughts and behaviors are completely
normal for tractorless people. This syndrome even has a name, “Tractor Envy” and we
are here to help.

You probably haven't purchased a tractor because you are having a difficult time
justifying the purchase. Let us help by telling you just a few tasks a tractor can assist


No matter the size of your farm we all have the duty of keeping our lawns nice. Plus a
tractor is perfect for ponds, moving rock, retaining walls, leveling off or spreading.


If you grow produce, you can drive a tractor down rows and deliver your fresh goods
back to your house or barn. For those hard to reach trees you can even purchase a
tree shaker which is perfect for nuts.

Land Clearing/Bush Hogging

Mowing heavy brush or just keeping the weeds down is one of the most common
jobs for a tractor. But a tractor would also be perfect for clearing rocks, heavy brush,
trees and other debris for crops or pasture.

Caring for livestock

During a winter snow or ice storm a tractor may be the only way to get to your
livestock to care for them. Also a mid-size tractor that can move large round hay
bales can help reduce your feed bills and while also saving you time.


Whether you are a professional farmer or just planting for a hobby . There are so
many tractor attachments that you would be able to do everything from plowing,
disking , to drilling. You can even attach an auger which makes planting nut and
fruit trees a breeze.

Fence Building

You can either carry steel posts, post driver, fence stretcher, corner posts, post-hole
digger, iron bar and a shovel or just get out your tractor. Yes a tractor takes the place
of all of these when it comes to building a fence.

Power Source

We all have times when our power goes out. Snow or ice storms, tornados,
hurricanes, or just faulty equipment, and we can count on it happening again.
Owning a farm can bring a burdensome responsibility as there are crops, livestock
and other needs to consider. However owning a tractor can save the day again. Did
you know you can connect a 110 volt inverter to your tractor which allows it to serve
as a mobile power source. Who knew, right?

These are just a few of the many tasks a tractor can assist you with. So we can see
why down deep you are ready to purchase and start making your life a little easier.
However it is a big decision as there are many models to choose from.
https://www.wilmingtonlawn.com/search-results-cat2/category/Tractors That’s why
we are here. We want to spend time getting to know you and your needs, then assist
you in choosing the perfect tractor. So let's put an end to your “tractor envy”
struggle.” Call us today! (910) 799-6359